What is sustainable leather

What is sustainable leather

At Moriah Accessories we use 100% sustainable bovine leather.  The leather used to make our products comes from ethically and responsibly treated animals, in accordance with the international animal welfare “Five Freedoms”.

Additionally, we do not use leather made from animals killed specifically for their skins, instead, we make use of quality bovine skins leftover from the meat industry. In this way we avoid generating needless surpluses.

Conversely, our artisanal manufacturing workshops in Ubrique (Spain) minimize the environmental impact of the tanning processin the following ways:

  • By reducing water and energy consumption.
  • By replacing dangerous chemical products with organic plant sourced ones.
  • Through efficient waste water treatment.
  • Through the recovery and recycling of the majority of its organic waste.

If one thing characterises our workshops it´s their ability to combine traditional tanning processes that respect the original properties of the skin, which is what gives it its quality, genuineness and beauty, with new insights and technology in order to reduce the impact of production on the environment. In our workshops, craftsmanship and modernity combine to create the most sustainable made in Spainbovine leather bags possible.

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